Experience the Evolution in Home Health Care

Evolution Health is a leading home health care services organization with a unique differentiator—we deliver care through trusted local brands, providing them the resources they need to expand and better serve the community. Each of our companies contributes to the knowledge base of best practices benefitting patients throughout the national organization. All of our companies provide evidence-based disease management covering the most frequently seen conditions including congestive heart failure, pneumonia, diabetes, orthopedic rehab, stroke and more. These protocols help reduce the variability of care and allow us to provide every patient with safe, effective care.

Evolution Health’s multi-disciplinary, professional teams provide patients with the support they need after they leave the hospital. Our home health care encompasses services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and skilled nursing at the patient’s home. Specially trained nurses may be deployed for wound care or pain management. Other caregivers, medical social workers and home health aides may also provide services.

Central to home health care is educating patients and families about symptom awareness, medications and nutrition. This includes providing instruction on strength training and exercises. Home health visits include an evaluation of the need for supportive devices and equipment and assessing the risk of falls. Home health can assist with the activities of daily living as well as help plan for short- and long-term care.

We work directly with the patient’s physicians to implement personalized plans of care that realize shorter recoveries and fewer hospital readmissions.

Skilled Nursing

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  • Assessment regarding medical conditions 
  • Symptom awareness and action planning 
  • Patient education 
  • Wound care 
  • Pain and disease management 
  • Wound care and assessment 
  • Experience with the V.A.C.® System 
  • Instruction and supervision of medications 
  • Administration of injections 
  • Assessment and instruction regarding diet, self-care and disease processes 
  • Diabetic instruction, catheter care, tube-feeding care, ostomy care and instruction for self-care of these needs 
  • Supervision and coordination of care by other members of the home health team
  • Providing cardiac education and care
  • Other physician-ordered services

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

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Therapy Services 

  • Evaluation and treatment 
  • Therapeutic exercise 
  • Supportive devices and equipment-needs evaluation 
  • Improving independence and daily living skills 

Physical Therapy 

  • Functional and gait training 
  • Strengthening exercises 
  • Energy conservation techniques 
  • Fall risk assessment and treatment 
  • Electric stimulation and ultrasound treatments

Occupational Therapy 

  • Upper extremity rehabilitation 

Speech Therapy 

  • Treatment for swallowing and communication disorders

Home Health Aide Services

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  • Checks vitals such as pulse, respiration and blood pressure 
  • Changes dressings for wound healing 
  • Helps move or transfer the patient as needed using home medical equipment 
  • Assistance with daily living needs  
  • Feeding 
  • Bathing and grooming 
  • Oral hygiene 
  • Skincare 

Medical Social Work and Social Services

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  • Multi-disciplinary care management team support 
  • Counseling, crisis management 
  • Information on community services 
  • Short and long-term care planning 
  • Financial counseling and assistance 
  • Guidance with applying for financial assistance