How We Help

Most patients would prefer to receive medical care where they are most comfortable, in their home. Our registered nurses, therapists, social workers and other caregivers have reinvented the concept of house calls for personalized, convenient and cost-effective patient care. Whether it’s for home health supportive care, Evolution Health has a solution to meet patients’ needs. By employing the best clinicians and efficiently coordinating services in the home setting, we provide unprecedented access to home-based health care.

Evolution Health provides services through our family of trusted local brands. We use evidence-based clinical protocols to ensure every patient receives safe, consistently high-quality care. Our teams coordinate directly with the patient’s physician to improve the effectiveness of medical care and achieve better outcomes. We offer traditional home health services reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payers. We can also provide custom solutions for health plans, hospital partners or value-based care models.

As healthcare continues to evolve to meet the needs for improved care at a lower cost, Evolution Health is rising to the challenge. According to recent statistics, more than 35 million people are discharged from inpatient care each year, making the home the fastest growing healthcare setting in the U.S. Home health care offers patients and payors significant advantages. Patients experience quicker recovery, better control of pain, more effective delivery of medicines or treatments, continued independence and the comfort of familiar surroundings. Hospitals experience improved use of resources, reduced costs and less risk. Our home health care solutions are an integral part of a comprehensive care delivery strategy designed to meet the growing demand for better healthcare.

Home Health Care

Home health care encompasses services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and skilled nursing at the patient’s home. Evolution Health’s multi-functional teams of registered nurses and other professionals work with each patient's physician, implementing personalized plans of care to achieve shorter recoveries and less time in the hospital.


An Evolution in Patient-centered Care

Our proven processes promote patient wellness and rehabilitation, reduce avoidable hospital admissions and help people during their most vulnerable times.