Jillian Marcus

Senior Vice President and
Chief Compliance Officer

Evolution Health and its parent company, Envision Healthcare, are committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct. Home health is the most highly regulated sector of the healthcare industry.

To report a compliance concern, please contact the Ethics & Compliance Department at 615.922.6125. If you prefer to report an issue anonymously, call the Ethics & Integrity Helpline number at 877.835.5267.

Envision Healthcare Code of Conduct and Policies Adopted by Evolution Health

Envision Healthcare Code of Business Conduct

Envision Healthcare Corporate Compliance Policies

Evolution Health Compliance Policies

108 Compliance & Integrity Committee Policy

201 Relationships with Billing Entities

204 Acceptance of Gifts from Patients or Their Families

301 General Coding and Billing

303 Customer Waiver of Co-Pays and Deductibles

304 Correspondence with Medicare and Medicaid Carriers

305 Suspension of the Medical Record

307 Medical Necessity

401 Admission of Patients to Home Health Service

402 Notification of Discharge for Home Health Patients

403 Initial and Comprehensive Patient Assessments

404 Homebound Status of Medicare Patients

405 Plan of Care, Certifications and Recertifications for Medicare Patients

406 Demonstrated Need for Skilled Care for Medicare Patients: Skilled Nursing Services

407 Demonstrated Need for Skilled Care for Medicare Patients: Skilled Therapy Services

408 Oversight of Contracted Services

409 Billing for Only Medically Appropriate Care

412 Patient Eligibility for Home Health Services